About Us

About Eastland Agribusiness

Eastland is an Agribusiness Company based in Coimbatore, India. Eastland is a team of professionals whose combined expertise in more than 25 years in agricultural industry in sourcing, processing and marketing of various agricultural commodities.

Our Expertise in Various International Markets like EU, US, Asia Pacific, and Keen understanding of various Food regulations, Tariff and Non-tariff barriers Like Protective chemical presence, Mycotoxins, allergens etc., helps us to bridge the Gap between the Destination Markets and Producing Regions.

Our Extensive Network of Farmers and suppliers are engaged in Good Agricultural Practices, IPM, Organic Practices, where as we work at different manufacturing sites which are GMP, BRC, FSSC certified with state of art facilities

With a vision to bridge the gap between the farmers and consumers, we act as an aggregator, processor and sourcing specialists of various agricultural commodities from India for European, American and Asian companies as per their needs.

We have come a long way from being a trader to a value added spices processor. We have made substantial investment in People, Process and Plant at Coimbatore to make a state of art processing facility.

Why East Land?

In depth understanding of the destination country norms and extensive expertise in sourcing and manufacturing capabilities gives Hassle free spices buying experience to our customers.

Key Focus

Quality services to our customers

Processing of high quality agri-products as per customer’s specifications Transparent traceability in the processing of our products

Lean Supply chain
Process and Production
Cost effective
Sales and Technical support